Ruler's Wit

The Green Man’s Dark Secret makes the national news!

01 February 2021 | Karen Ette

The Green Man’s Dark Secret is a novel, a collaboration by the four writers of Ruler’s Wit. It was published in December 2020 and is located in Loughborough, featuring many local venues, including the underground Green Man Pub, which closed on the 7th March 1993 and remains just as it was, suspended in time. It is a detective story; a mystery of missing market traders that involves trips to times past, wickedness and intrigue, told with a good dose of humour.

Because there have been pictures of the bar-from-the-past and because many people retain fond memories of the pub, there has been significant interest, radio appearances and newspaper articles covering the publication. Exciting times.

We thoroughly enjoyed writing – lets hope many enjoy the reading!

Min Ingram