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Cover design and branding

Designing a book cover can be a tricky thing. You need to sum up the entirety of your book, which has probably taken considerable time to write, edit and hone it to perfection. Then encapsulate it all up in one visual that will take a potential reader a split second to decide that they are interested in it.

Being a known writer will help you when people search for your name. Having an interesting title will definitely make a difference. Then having a well-written and engaging blurb might get someone over the threshold and give your book a go. But they may never get that far if the cover doesn’t appeal in the first place.

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

We can use your story and some key information, such as what you want to get across to potential readers and who the book is aimed at, to create visual concepts. You can then decide for yourself if you feel they convey the right tone and impact. Whatever the genre, fiction or non-fiction, we can help give your publication the the right look.

Prices – Cover design

For each cover design we would arrange a meeting to discuss what you want from your book cover, the kind of designs you like and what you don’t like. It is important for us to establish who the target audience is for your book and how you want them to feel when they see the cover. We can then create a concept design based on this and share it with you, along with an explanation of the thinking behind the design. We would then allow for one set of amends to this design, based on your preferences. Obviously you can have as many edits or variations as you like, but this may cost more. Prices given below are intended to give an indication of what to expect.

After the design has been agreed, artwork will be supplied in multiple formats as required – JPG, PDF, PSD, etc. Other formats can also be accommodated.

  • eBook cover design: from £160
  • paperback cover design: from £200
  • both paperback and eBook: from £280

Prices – Branding

Other creative elements can be designed and built for your requirements, anything from campaign images and for social media sharing to designing a whole new website for you to share your latest work – we can help. Costs for this kind of work are more bespoke and can be agreed following a meeting to discuss what you need and how we can help.

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