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Publishing your book / eBook

There are many reasons to self-publish your book: Higher percentage of profit/royalties from each book sale, control over your own content and cover design, on-demand printing or just cutting out the endless submissions to traditional publishers and agents. Whatever the reason, you can join countless others who have made the same decision and chosen to self-publish. However, there are still many steps to go through and many important things to consider before you can turn your writing into a finished publication.

We can put together a personalised step-by-step checklist and guide to make sure you’ve made the right decisions at each stage for your publication.

We can also help with eBook creation. There are many tools out there to convert your document into any number of eBook formats, but what happens when the formatting goes wrong, or it doesn’t look or work the way you’d like it to? We can help tweak, format or even rebuild your eBook exactly the way you want it to look, ready for submission to preferred outlets.

Prices are dependent on requirements.

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