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Mentoring and coaching


If you feel you need a confidence boost, support and guidance that mentoring offers to help you on your writing journey, why not book a course of mentoring sessions?

Writing can be a solitary activity. It can be so much easier when you have:

  • Someone to bounce ideas around with.
  • Someone who will listen knowledgeably and with interest.
  • Someone who can ask discerning questions that get you thinking through problems or considering alternative perspectives or directions.

All contact would be via video conferencing at the present time, and at regular intervals over an agreed period.


You have made a start to your writing project, but perhaps:

  • There’s an aspect of it that isn’t going as you want it to.
  • You have difficulty writing dialogue that sounds natural.
  • You need help with structuring a piece of work.

Coaching sessions are designed to address particular issues through a variety of approaches. These might include short, fun exercises, or practice and review activities, for example. Think of coaching sessions as mini-lessons about specific improvements that you want to work on.

The sessions can be on an individual basis or booked by small groups. We can tailor sessions to your needs.


How much do these services cost?

Mentoring and coaching are charged by the session. Booking a block of sessions is more cost effective.

Sessions start at £40 each.

A member of the team would be happy to talk to you and advise – no obligation.

Interested? Why not get in touch?