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Dark and Light – eBook now available!

13 January 2022 | Stephen Ashurst

We hope everyone was able to enjoy a better Christmas and New Year that we had last year. If you’ve been waiting for the eBook version of Dark and Light, your wait is now over. The eBook can be bought on Amazon for £1.99 (prices may vary for other countries), or if you have Kindle […]

Dark and Light – Paperback now available!

24 December 2021 | Stephen Ashurst

We have been working hard to compile the Dark and Light publication before Christmas. Although this is cutting it a little bit fine, it is now available to buy online at Amazon in paperback format. We will be making an eBook version available shortly. Watch this space for further information.

Dark and Light – Winners and Contributors

27 September 2021 | Stephen Ashurst

After so many people have taken the time to write and send in stories and poetry, to be included in our forthcoming anthology on the theme of Dark and Light.

Should you judge a book by its cover?

23 March 2021 | Stephen Ashurst

Designing book covers can be quite a challenge, but I have to admit that it is one I truly relish. Knowing that my visualisation of an idea will be turned into a something that surrounds a body of written work – which may have taken months or years to create – needs to be taken […]

Who was St David?

01 March 2021 | Karen Ette

It’s St David’s Day – but who was St David and why is the 1st of March St David’s Day? Unlike the other British and Irish patron saints, St David was actually Welsh. St Patrick, (17th March) may have been born in the Welsh-speaking Northern Kingdom of Strathclyde; St George (23rd April) is believed to have […]

Who was St Valentine?

14 February 2021 | Karen Ette

Paige and Wesley are a loved-up couple who will probably celebrate St Valentine’s day in style on the 14th of February, as this is the date when St Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, is remembered. See what they get up to in the broom cupboard in The Green Man’s Dark Secret. The excitement of […]


02 February 2021 | Karen Ette

In Winter Tales by Ruler’s Wit there’s a cracking story entitled ‘Candlemas’. Candlemas is a Christian celebration which takes place annually on the 2nd of February and is the last festival in the Christian year that is dated by reference to Christmas (those which follow are with reference to Easter). This is also the period […]

The Green Man’s Dark Secret makes the national news!

01 February 2021 | Karen Ette

The Green Man’s Dark Secret is a novel, a collaboration by the four writers of Ruler’s Wit. It was published in December 2020 and is located in Loughborough, featuring many local venues, including the underground Green Man Pub, which closed on the 7th March 1993 and remains just as it was, suspended in time. It […]

Summer Tales

13 July 2017 | Karen Ette

Right on cue for the summer holidays, Summer Tales is a fantastic ‘beach’ or  ‘relaxing in the garden’ read. This is the third anthology of seasonal short stories from Ruler’s Wit, following on from Winter Tales and Spring Tales. The fourteen stories all have a summer setting, which brings them together in a united theme, but […]

Autumn Tales

22 November 2016 | Karen Ette

The fourth short-story anthology from Ruler’s Wit, Autumn Tales, has an abundance of seasonal stories and is available from Amazon. To give an idea of the genres, the stories are as follows: The Bonfire is a tale of moving on. Who would want a Thai bride? Most appropriate for this time of the year. Pilates, Pumpkins […]