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Copywriting Services

Website content writing

Whether you are starting a new business or simply need help with a touch of rebranding, getting the written content right for your website is more than just getting some words on the page.

Most people look at a web page and within ten seconds, unless the content has grabbed their attention, they are off and scrolling towards the next website.

The way to get your website higher in the search engine rankings involves a bit of cleverness and a liberal application of ingenuity. A seemingly magic gathering of search engine optimisation (SEO) words (without which your page stays flat and low on those rankings) and pretty awesome descriptions of pages.

Your content writer would begin by gaining a detailed understanding of what it is you want from a website and what your expectations are. We will also seek to know about your brand values, your ethos and your target audience. At this stage we would ask that you complete the client questionnaire to better understand what brands, designs and other websites appeal to you – this exercise is designed to get some insight into you as a person.

Following this, a paragraph will be produced in a couple of styles to give you some options to consider.

Social media engagement content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Creating content for great social media posts is a fantastic way to engage with your audience. However, to create consistently engaging posts is far harder than most people believe, until they have tried it. Readers want fun, engaging posts that they will enjoy interacting with – maybe even buying from, so content really is key.

With regard to setting the style and tone of writing, your view of funny, attention-grabbing, or trendy will be different from the writer’s. Therefore, we will seek to better understand you via a quick-and easy-questionnaire, which will aid the writer in producing the best content for you.

Following discussion, in person or virtually, one of our writers will create a couple of posts in different styles so that you can best choose tone of voice and style. After this exercise, your writer will create content based on what it is you wish to post, and on which social media platform.

Content can be written weekly, fortnightly or monthly and it will be sent directly to you for posting.


Blogs are a useful and fun way to engage the reader, and through regular posts can help build relationships and a following. But they are exceedingly difficult to produce consistently while carrying out you work-related everyday tasks. That’s where we can help.

Your writer can produce monthly, fortnightly or weekly blogs for you to post on your website as your own.

We will provide a client questionnaire (add option to click on this) to find out more about your target audience and reasons for blogging, and then over coffee, virtually or not, together we will help build a picture of what you want to achieve and your expectations. During this time, the brief will be developed further.

You may require a blog post that is vibrant, stylish or funny – but your view of those things will probably be very different from the writer’s. Therefore, a paragraph will be developed to provide you with a choice of copy, style and tone of voice.

We offer this as a free exercise, without commitment, unless you appoint us and then it is chargeable. We are hopeful that you will appreciate this service and value its quality.

Ghostwriting services

Do you have a box full of old diaries, or notebooks full of daily or weekly observations, or maybe you’ve got a story in your head and now is the time to get it written, but you don’t know how to start?

Then look no further. A ghostwriter loves to write manuscripts using other people’s ideas. This service can be applied to pretty much anything you need help getting onto paper, and the best bit is – you own the rights. So, no one ever needs to know that you didn’t write it.

As your ghostwriter, one of our team can weave a plot around the contents of your life stories or ideas and turn them into wonderful manuscripts, which can be based on your life events or that plot in your head.

We also write non-fiction and will deliver your book in an easy-to-follow, authentic style that your intended reader will love.

Ghostwriting is often associated with celebrity autobiographies, but in fact can be applied to any content not directly written by the author. These include, but are not limited to: Lifestyle books, speeches, blog posts, business books, newsletters and book proposals.


Now the awkward bit – money:

My day rate is £300. However, I usually quote for the project, not the time it’s going to take. That way you know exactly how much you need to budget.

As a rough guide, blog posts start at £55 and web pages at around £150. The exact quote will depend on a range of things, including research time and word count.

A member of the team would be happy to talk to you and advise – no obligation.

Interested? Why not get in touch?