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Summer Tales

13 July 2017 | Karen Ette

Right on cue for the summer holidays, Summer Tales is a fantastic ‘beach’ or  ‘relaxing in the garden’ read. This is the third anthology of seasonal short stories from Ruler’s Wit, following on from Winter Tales and Spring Tales. The fourteen stories all have a summer setting, which brings them together in a united theme, but […]

Autumn Tales

22 November 2016 | Karen Ette

The fourth short-story anthology from Ruler’s Wit, Autumn Tales, has an abundance of seasonal stories and is available from Amazon. To give an idea of the genres, the stories are as follows: The Bonfire is a tale of moving on. Who would want a Thai bride? Most appropriate for this time of the year. Pilates, Pumpkins […]


27 September 2016 | Karen Ette

The leaves are beginning to change colour and will soon be falling – Autumn is upon us. The equinox has passed and nights are longer than the days. Did you see the wonderful harvest moon this year? That’s the full moon closest to the equinox. Apparently, the word ‘autumn’ comes from the Etruscan word “autu”, […]

Permanent Puppies

15 July 2016 | Karen Ette

In today’s blog Donna Shepherd gives some insights into being a Guide Dog Puppy Walker. I’ve always had rescue dogs and when we moved house, with one cat, I assumed that looking for a dog to join our family would follow. My husband, however, had other ideas and reeled out all the negatives of dog […]

One of 179 mums waiting for answers from the Chilcot Report/Iraq Inquiry.

05 July 2016 | Melinda Ingram

Finally! Finally, after seven years of waiting, the Iraq Inquiry is going to be published tomorrow, Wednesday the 6th of July! Its purpose was to look into why Britain went to war in Iraq, so maybe now we’ll get some answers. I am the mother of one of the 179 service people who died during […]

At the Going Down of the Sun

30 June 2016 | Karen Ette

On the 1st July 1916, at 07.28 the Battle of the Somme began and lasted until the 13th November 1916. By the end of the battle, the British Army had suffered 420,000 casualties, including nearly 60,000 on the first day alone. This short extract is from one of the stories that make up Summer Tales. Image: Creative Commons […]

Hello world!

18 May 2016 | Karen Ette

Welcome to Ruler’s Wit! We are a group of post-graduate writers who are working on our own novels as well as coming together to create other publications. Our latest venture is a set of seasonal short-story anthologies, all available from Amazon. You can read all about us and see our latest publications on the relevant […]