Ruler's Wit


27 September 2016 | Karen Ette

The leaves are beginning to change colour and will soon be falling – Autumn is upon us.

The equinox has passed and nights are longer than the days. Did you see the wonderful harvest moon this year? That’s the full moon closest to the equinox. Apparently, the word ‘autumn’ comes from the Etruscan word “autu”, meaning change of season. So, as the seasons change, curling up with a good book in the evening is a welcome relaxation.

Speaking of good books, Autumn Tales will be published very soon. The Ruler’s Wit authors have finished writing and the anthology is at the editing stage.

There are some wonderful autumn stories to enjoy, encompassing lots of autumnal events and activities.

When you think of autumn, what springs to mind? Well, how about bonfires, Halloween and Remembrance? These are all subjects that the latest anthology draws upon, but not restricted to these – there are more. Quite a few tales are spookily written and many are humorous. There are also some familiar characters from earlier Tales experiencing new adventures. We also think of Harvest at this time of the year and until 1500 autumn was indeed called Harvest.

Did you know that we lose more hair in autumn than summer? Apparently it’s needed in the summer to protect the scalp from the sun. There’s still time to top up the vitamin D too – ideal to do from May to October.

There are lots more interesting autumnal facts on the Radio 4 website.

We have enjoyed writing our Autumn Tales; we hope you will enjoy reading them.